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What is a special education advocate?

A special education advocate is someone who guides you through the special education process. Some advocates are former special education teachers who have experience with giving advice on educational services, suggest teaching methods or behavior strategies, consult with you on assistive technology, and share information on the ins and outs of local school systems.  

What can a special education advocate do for you?

  • Review your child's IEP or 504 Plan
  • Give you information about your child's rights
  • Advise you on strategy for working with your child's school
  • Negotiate with the school on your behalf
  • Write letters to the school on your behalf
  • Attend IEP and 504 Plan meetings
  • Recommend specialists, service providers, evaluators and schools

Why should you consider hiring a special education advocate?

Attending IEP and 504 Plan meetings for your child with representatives from the school district can feel intimidating. Hiring a special education advocate can help level the playing field and make you feel supported. Additionally, a special education advocate can help you understand all of the components of the IEP so that you are better able to ask for what your child needs. 


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